Tempo Advance Metronome

We all need a good metronome for our daily practice of scales, sequences, strumming etc. and after trying out many - this is the best I found. It has a simple layout yet allows for all kinds of complex options like set-lists, polyrhythms and whole ton more if you feel the need for it.

To me, it is  important to not get an app that does the job and not one on which the guys of the graphic design department went wild to create a new, hip looking metronome that is for anyone BUT musicians - it needs to be simple without any bloat and gimmicks.

DM 1 Drum Machine

There are times when we don't want to practice to a simple click - we want drums!!! By far the best and easiest drum machine that I found is the DM1 Drum Machine. It's easy to program, it's easy to create loops with variations, change EQ and other stuff for each drum and it comes with different drum kits to choose from. If you're looking for a great drum machine to practice your riffs to - this is it!

Tone Stack Amp Simulator and Effects

Good news - the time has come where the amps on an iPad sound really good! I´ve tried Bias FX, Amplitube and others but this one is my hands down favorite: Tone Stack by a software company called Yonac. I bought the biggest package there is that included an incredible array of amps and effects and it is worth every penny. I use it every day as my standard practice amp in conjunction with Apogee's Jam Interface and a pair of headphones. A great sounding small practice setup that can easily be taken on trips too.

Autochords Chord Progression Creator

You want to practice voice leading with triads or train arpeggios using the closest inversion and need a simple way to generate new chord progressions to train with? Here's the app that gives you chord progressions in all keys, so you can focus on training your skills instead of thinking about new chord progressions. 


You want to practice your favorite licks or simply jam over some chords, but you don´t want to waste time recording a backing track? Chordbot gives you an instant chord or a chord progressions to solo over - you can go into much detail, choose the durations, sounds, etc. The main point is that it´s super fast and easy to get going instead of getting lost in a million options and choices.

30/30 Timer For Planning Your Practice

This is a really fantastic app to plan your guitar practice - available for iPad and iPhone. You enter all your due practice items for a given day, set the different times for how long you want to practice each item and the app gives you a beep when one item is finished and the next one is due. You can, of course, use the app for all kinds of other productivity purposes too.

Read Rhythm - Rhythm Trainer

Here's a fantastic app to practice reading and clapping different rhythms from simple to super complex to greatly improve your rhythm skills.

Music Tutor

If you have only been reading TAB for guitar and want to learn standard notation - here´s a fun way to learn - Music Tutor. You can learn different clefs, get a score for your performance and a percentage of your accuracy. A couple of minutes a day and you know what the notes are in no time.

Guitar At Sight

The guitar can be quite puzzling compared to a piano - the same note can be found in multiple locations on the fretboard! How do you go about learning which note is to be found where? Simple - use Guitar At Sight! You can limit the fret range in the beginning and extend it as you go along and get better.

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